November 17, 2014

hola mis nortes,
hope everyone has had a great week…
i received the amazing news that three of my cute cousins are getting married. pando, engaged in two months…i think that should go down in the record books! haha. im kinda bummed that i dont get to meet your fiances before the big day but i trust that each of your fiances picked an amazing husband! awhhh, i just want to cry right now…

but anyways, enough of trunkyness…oh wait, i recieved my “trunky papers” this week which is all the information the secretary wants to get me a plane ticket home…holy…i dont want to leave. i have so much more to learn and so much to do still!!!

so more about leon:
i am super tan…with a wicked farmers tan.
i have a house and not just a little room.
i have news friends who are JWs from sweden.
i have new friends from north carolina.
i found a tarantula in our house.
the beach is like 30 minutes away.
i have made some life long friendships.

so these past two weeks have been rough in our area….
the trouble here is that everyone receives us but getting a family or person to act has been pretty tough…its been a lot of dropping…finding….dropping….and more findingbut we have been dedicated to pray and fasting in order to find the people that the angels of the lord are preparing to receive his gospel.

-saturday at like 9 at night, we were walking to take a member home from working with us when we saw a family and knew we had to talk to them. the wife started to tell us that she was looking to find a church to congregate…her and her sons. she told us her 9 year old just loves to go to church and learn but she hasnt found a church that has filled her soul. We told her that we were representatives of jesus christ and were sent to help her find the way the truth and the life through the gospel of jesus christ. she told us that we could pass by for her in the morning.
so we had 7 families promised to go to church…passed by each one and they all either said they were too tired or didnt answer the door. so we went to church hoping that someone would show up…but after 40 minutes in the church we left to go find someone and bring them to church.
with our faith super high and knowing that the spirit would direct us…we talked to a few people but then we had the feeling to return to the house of the lady…. she told us that she wasnt ready but that she would hurry and shower and come. we waited and came to the church just in time for relief society!…..SHE LOVED IT! and asked us when we were going to come to her house to teach her!….
-also on sunday in the afternoon we found a family with two twin babies and they are just so positive. the husband was like i want what is best for my family..i dont drink i dont smoke and i just want to know what i can do to be a better dad! we are going back in the night time!
i know without a doubt that with prayer and fasting and dilligence, the lord will use us as instruments in his hands! iam looking forward to see how the lord will help these poeple come unto him and aceept and live his gospel!

i love being a missionary and seeing how the lord uses us to complete his purposes!!!
never get down! never get discouraged bc this is when you lose your faith!!!

i love you all and know that i pray for all of you at every moment of the day!!

let us all be instruments in His Hands.

hermana rogers.


NOV 3, 2104

hola mis nortes!!

leon is amazing and the ward is awesome…it was a little weird on sunday after being in managua for 8 months. i was kinda lost with all the new faces that i saw! there are a ton of returned missionaries in this ward too so im looking forward to putting them back to work!

okay, so again, i am still being amazed everyday at the amount of white people i see… it freaks me out. today we went to the center of leon and got to go to la colonia which is a super market and i must say that i was in awe…it was better than the one in managua. it had pita bread, goat cheese, pears, almond milk, and pizza rolls!! all that a girl could ask for.
seriously i just love leon and the feel of this pueblo. it is just beautiful!! next week we are gonna check out the museum and maybe the cathedral.

so today i completed 14 months on my mission….and i just cant believe it! i dont even know what to think… hermana gonzalez and the two lopez took me to eat at a chinese restaurant…and i have to say it was pretty darn good especially with chile. jaja the plate of rice was bigger than shoguns or hunans.

so this week with hermana lopez, i have really been trying to focus on my faith and dilligence! and i have seen the results! every lesson was filled with the spirit as we searched for guide of the spirit. after each day, hermana lopez kept telling me…we saw a ton of miracles today. these people hardly listen to us but for some reason and all of the sudden they are super positive. i know without a doubt if we wait and let the spirit guide us and ask inspired questions, we will say and ask exactly what the investigators need to be able to receive a conversion and testimony! i love the spirit and love that if the missionaries AND the investigators are willing to let the spirit into their hearts, they will feel the truth of this mesage! i asked one lady what she would say or do if the lord said in this moment, come and follow me. she looked at me and said i feel as if he is asking me this through you. i couldnt help but get teary eyed as i knew the lord was using me as an instrument in his hands! i know without a doubt that the lord blesses us as we strive to have the companionship of the spirit. this is the most important and valuable gift we can have as children of god and as we go on in this life!
let us all strive to have this constant guide that we received by being baptized by someone holding the priesthood authority of god. and let us strive to keep it at every second.

con mucho amor,
hermana rogers

OCT 30, 2014

hola mis nortes…hermana rowhairs is here chillin in LA VILLA LEON.

the lord saw fit to take me out of las mercedes and put me in the area where hermana behan was born!! AND i am super excited!! i already love leon! i cannot express in words how great it is to be back in a pueblo with dirt roads! awhhh, finally!!

well, i cant write to much bc i am basically out of time….but here are some fun things that have happened today

-i ate my first burger today in 14 months!
-i am back in the same zone as my girl, hermana gonzalez
-i am with a different hermana lopez who is from mexico
-i have never seen so many cheles in my life!!!! chele means a white person!!! they are everywhere…more than managua! and i dont know why but all the tourists look super dirty and unclean…i mean, just because you are in nicaragua does not mean you can skip your shower!!
-my area has a ton of cathedrals. leon has the most catholic cathedrals than cualquier otro pais en centroamerica

i was so sad to leave las mercedes but i know that the lord has a purpose for me here in leon!!! i am so determined and motivated to find and teach and baptize!!!! yayayyyyyyy!

the saying goodbyes in las mercedes was super hard…especially with miguel and mayra! we all were bawling and my heart just broke when i saw this big and buff old man cry!!!… was precious and i will never forget it! however, he said that he didnt join the church for us…he joined it for the lord. he joined it because he found the truth.

i am so happy and grateful that the lord trusts me and uses me as an instrument in his hands to work miracles.

i love him and know he lives. he knows me. even my name.

here is to another chapter on my journey as a missionary here in nicaragua. i cant wait!

con mucho amor,
hermana rogers!

OCT 20, 2014

hello my nortes.
so the weeks just keep going by faster and faster…its freaking me out.

also pretty interesting: we have had a lot of rain and a huge scary earthquake…..but it was super cool especially living on the second story.
this week we have found quite a few families and had the opportunity to meet patricia y eduardo.
we were going to stop by a part member house in a residencial area but when they werent home, we decided to go ahead and contact. patricia and her husband were watching a movie together after a long day at work…i was hesitant to contact them but knew the spirit was telling me i needed to. we started talking to her and felt prompted to ask her if we could come back and share a message about jesus christ. she told us that we could but that her husband works a lot and that we could come back and just teach her…i decided to ask if we could share the message with them right now. she asked her husband and he said sure. the lesson was filled with the spirit and a lot of interaction. at the end of the lesson they said they wanted to visit the church website to watch the conference and see if president monson really is a true prophet of god. i have a great feeling about them and look forward to talking to them tonight!

miguel and mayra are still amazing! i seriously just love them! every sunday, miguel asks us if we have brought any investigadores so he can meet them! we are actually putting together a video of all the converts in the word bearing their testimonies and their experience. im super excited to see it!

president has been pushing on us getting better at teaching. we actually are having to get certified in the lessons and have to meet certain requirements. what i love about the new way that we are teaching is that there is more interaction with the investigators or contacts! i have learned to ask inspired questions that make them think, reflect, feel, and apply. i so wish i would hae learned this way of teaching when i first got on my mission! it is so effective to be able to really understand their needs!
i bear testimony that as we come in contact with people every day, we can always share something about the gospel. during church, the gospel principles teacher asked us to share something we remember about our dad when we were little… i thought and couldnt help but think about how every story that comes out of my dads mouth, a principle of the gospel of jesus christ always follows! doesnt matter if it is a story about sports, hunting, or the mission. i love the fact that we can always share a truth in every moment of every day! and i know that as we are worthy of the spirit, he will give us just the words we need to say in order to help the people around us! i know this gospel is true and all our brothers and sisters need it in there lives! no matter where you are, who they are, or what you are doing, everyone needs to know a little bit more about the love of the savior.

hermana lobos finishes her training next week and after being in las mercedes for 7 months, i think it is my time to leave…i have mixed feelings and am sure going to miss all of the people i have met and all the relationships i have formed, and i am excited to see where i am going to die (end my mission).

OCT 13, 2014

hola mis nortes.

this week has been great and full of finding new people to teach. it’s amazing that in 6.5 months i still have the opportunity to talk with people that i have never seen.

so this week i have learned a great lesson from an investigator…

many times we think that we can’t complete something that the lord has asked of us.
many times we think it is too demanding or too hard.
maybe we think that only the goodygoods can complete.

However, God made each one of us in His Image.
he knows our weaknesses, or burdens, our temptations, and our pains.
he also knows our strengths, our talents, and our potencial.

i know that each commandment is for our benefit in order to prepare us for an eternity with our heavenly father, jesus christ and our families.

And he knows we can complete. every single one of his children can complete his commandments. however, he gives our agency and our accountability.

obedience brings blessings.
never forget to remember which way you face.
never forget that we are accountable to god and not man.

And as we know the things that we must do, let us do them.
con amor,
hermana whit

OCT 6, 2014

hola mis nortes.

so you are not going to believe this but as i am writing you, i am soaking wet from the rain and wearing a sweatshirt. also, while i sleep at night, i have to use a big blanket or i am cold. like what is this?? i feel like i am a true nica now.

hermana lobos and i had a fun day with our zone! we cooked pupusas, made oreo shakes, and played mafia. it was chill.

i can honestly say i will NEVER forget this conference…..
i received so many answers to my prayers.
now, we all must put into practice what the lord has told us.
how very grateful i am for a prophet of god who helps us have an unbreakable faith and hope in jesus christ and helps us to always stay on the path that leads us to the savior. i know he is called of god and leads this church through revelation from jesus christ himself!

i invite all to watch the conference if you missed it…. and promise that you will find exactly what you need to hear in order to change and be more like christ!


hola mis norteamericanos!

well, this week was such a great one with a ton of miracles!

so i had the opportunity to work in my old area: las americas 2 for a day with my daughter and hermana willardson’s daughter, hermana palencia. so in other words i had two daughters for a day! it was super fun!
we decided to go and visit my family, jorge and dania, to see how they were! i hadnt seen jorge at church for a while! when i got there, i was just so happy to see them but was shocked when dania told me that jorge would only except us because i was there…i had to find out what had happened…..apparently he had been offended by some of the members of the church and for that reason said he was never going to go back. i just sat there and cried. he told us all that had happened and i prayed so hard for the lord to help to know what to say. he told me he knew why he was baptized and that he knows this is the true church but he didnt understand why these men were being such bad examples for the church. at this time i began to tell him all that was on my heart. i reminded him about the covenants he made and the covenants he will make in the temple! he and dania began to cry. i couldnt help but see the sadness in dania’s face as jorge told us his story but then the tears turned into joy and hapiness as the lord spoke to them through me. after this, jorge told me that he would go to church for the lord, for his family, and for him. through this experience, i can truly testify that the lord puts us in situations and places for a reason! i know that i was in that area for only that day not just because hermana willy had a meeting but because jorge and dania needed me. i know that if we are worthy, the lord will use us as instruments in his hands and we can touch the hearts of so many people through the holy spirit!
i will never believe in casualidades….sorry i forgot the word in english. i know that everything happens for a reason. how grateful i am to be a missionary for the church of jesus christ and a representative of jesus christ himself. i am so grateful to have the blessing of the spirit who guides me every day to the people who need the gospel.
hermana lobos and i are doing great and trying to find more families and people to teach!
i just love the mission. i want the time to stop.
i hope all you women get the chance to watch the women general conference! it was amazing! especially the talk by uchtdorf!

also, i invite each of you to invite someone to general conference this weekend and allow them to get the chance to see and know that thomas s monson is the living prophet today and that this church is the church of jesus christ!


hola, mis norte americanos.

so the weeks just keep going by faster and faster…it’s freaking me out.

the first change with my daughter has come to an end and i was glad to know that i would be finishing her training! i have learned so much these past 4 changes as a trainer and i honestly would love to train the rest of my misison!
i also have the great news that i will be staying in my area for one more change! that will make my time here: 7 months! and honestly, it has been great! i love my area and i love the people!

i just want to share my testimony of the scripture mosiah 18: 8-9. i am so very grateful to my young woman leaders and all the young women in my midland 1st ward who never stopped visiting me and inviting me to activities. i extend the invitation to each and everyone of you to go help someone who hast lost their way…who was once on the iron rod but got lost in the midst of darkness or went to the great and spacious building! they need us to help them get back on the rod in order to partake of the fruit of the tree of life! if you have offended someone in the church or anyone for that matter, seek to make it right! do not let them say that they didn’t keep hold of the rod because others pushed them off! we all need to help eachother make it back home!!!

that is all for now…

know that i love each and every one of you!!!!

con mucho amor,
hermana whit.

September 8, 2014

hola mi norte americanos!

well, i have a few weeks to catch up on…..

so this week was just great!

can you believe it?
i seriously can’t.

this week i have reflected again and again upon this year that I have completed and I must say it has been the hardest but most rewarding year of my life. i would not change a single thing that has happened because i know it has helped me and shaped me into who the lord wants me to be.

i was talking with my daughter one day and giving her advice on how to have confidence in the Lord so that she can kick her fear of contacting people. She told me how she wanted to be like me: fearless of anyone, always smiling even when people reject the message, and courageous to tell them the things the lord puts in my mouth. i have contemplated on this a lot and have realized that i have completed this by putting my trust in the lord, knowing what my responsability as a missionary is, and loving these people and the lord too much to keep quiet. i have come to know that if i truly love the lord, i will do anything and everything to show my love. a living apostle has talked about a passage…at this moment i cant remember where….about how if we do not keep the commandments of god…and ALL of them….we are actually showing the lord that we love satan more than him. when i read this it truly hit me. the lord gives us commandments to be happy and if i choose not to follow them i am really choosing to follow satan and reject the love and happiness the lord is offering.

honestly, i feel as if right now i am finally getting misisonary work and how to succeed in missionary work. The only thing i feel i need to do is get rid of the limits i have on myself and consecrate all to the lord. i want to kick the boundaries that i have on myself and let the lord use me.
elder alonzo from the quorum of the seventy visited our mission this week and ihave to say i have never been in a more spiritual meeting in my life! i seriously could have heard a needle fall on the ground it was so quiet. elder alonzo is just a pure stud and a great example of a true servant of the Lord. At one point he was talking to us and just stopped and said, “i feel i need to speak about something else.” and starting talking about when the apostles went back to fishing after the savior left them. he told us that the lord will always help us in our journey if we let him, and he will show us the difference from good things to GREAT things in our lives.
i truly know with all of my heart that the thomas s monson, his counselors, the 12 apostles, the quorums of the 70 and all leaders are called of god. anyone who talks or listens to them will be able to know this too. i am proud to raise my hand and sustain these people who the lord has called to help us on our journey of life!

here are some things that elder alonzo said:








elder alonzo gave us the opportunity to right promises to our heavenly father. promises that we would keep for the rest of our missions and the rest of our lives. i encourage each and everyone of you to make covenants and promises to our heavenly father and keep them. in this way we show our love for him and acknowledge that we are giving all to him.

we are not members of this church solely to have happiness and joy. everyone in every church…everyone in their own way can justify their happiness. we are members of this church to make and keep sacred covenants that enable us to return and live forever with our heavenly father and savior. we are members of this church to live with our families for eternity.
this is the truth.
this is the only way.

this is His Church. this is His Gospel.

i love you all so much.

con mucho amor,
sister whitney

August 25, 2014



so this week has been a great week!

our cute miguel got baptized on Saturday! he is in his sixties and there was absolutely no way that we met him by accident! iwas with hermana cole and we were contacting a house right in front of him but when they never came to the door i turned around and saw a cute old guy sitting in his recliner chair reading a book…so i decided to talk to him. after we were established as missionaries, he had told us that he studied with “the mormons” thirty years ago but then the civil war broke out and he went to fight. he told us that he liked talking to the elders but he was kinda stubborn at the time. He even knows many members who had invited him to church but he always turned them down… then, after the lesson he told us that his glass has been empty for sometime but that after he had spoken to us and had felt the spirit, he could fill his glass filling up more and more. now there were two indicators that i just truly knew the Lord had chosen him: he came to church by himself two days later, and he accepted a baptism date in the second lesson! One phrase that i love from him is: i feel good with the mormons. haha. he would say that every time we came to his house. it was cute and funny.
so ever since the first lesson, we have been trying to get his wife to listen to us but they have a business at their house and sell food and house products…pues, a venta… and so she always said that she needed to tend the venta even on sundays so she couldnt go to church. well, yesterday she showed up to the baptism of her husband and told us that she would like to receive the messages from us!
how very blessed i am to be a servant of the lord at bringing his children to the knowledge of the gospel! and how my testimony is strengthened every time a person receives an answer that this church is the church of jesus christ. miguel would said, “now i have entered in through the straight and narrow gate, i cannot go back. i cannot gogo off the path. i must continue forward following the lord and cultivating the seed that has been planted!” isnt he just great? love this man!

next we had a family to complete: an 11 year old girl was baptized and we reactivated her mom! such a smart little girl she is and how big her desire to serve the lord is. even though this family gives me so much stress bc they are absolutely always late! but love her!

hermana lobos completed 1 month on the mission and for a present i got two returned missionaries who served in el salvador to make pupusas with us for her present! it was so fun! pupusa is a famous dish that they eat in el salvador. you prepare the maseca, which is corn, and fill the top with any meat or cheese or beans, then you close it, make it flat like a patty, and grill it! YUMMMMMM. IT IS TO DIE FOR!!!

so im sorry that i havent sent pictures in forever! i keep forgetting my camara….but i promise to send them next week!!!

i love you all so much AND i love my Savior!!