so, I love fashion and everything there is about it! I love trying new trends and different color schemes. Although, finding skirts that are long enough but short enough has been a real challenge especially when I am five feet, nine and a half inches tall! Before I leave on my mish, I would love to show everyone stunning and modest outfits that I have bought and the places i bought them from! But for now, I am going to share some wayy cute outfits that I found on pinterest.

These skirts are called midi skirts, which I love!

-These skirts look best tucked in and also look great when paired with a thick or skinny belt.

-Having your shirt tucked in accentuates your body and flatters you more!

-When pairing anything with neon, I would suggest having only one piece of clothing neon. Just like the picture, I would pick a neutral shade like black, white, or off-white. This way the neon will pop, but you won’t look like a bright blob of color!


-Pairing different patterns are also a must! stripes, dots, animal prints, lace!

Here are some different pattern matching ideas:

–any pattern obviously goes with a solid


–thin stripes and thick stripes

–stripes and polka dots

4cae672c65791efbe4188c4edfc6c0bf 8a4c34e7c54fdfd57a5fd5d93622905b

–lace and solid


–lace and polka dots


–animal print and solid


-Another must have accessory is a statement necklace! It doesn’t have to be huge, because they say to keep it a little conservative and not too flashy, so that investigators don’t think that you have to wear something like that in order to go to church. Pearls are a must have though. They are very classy and elegant!

-Pairing soft pastels is also a must. Because you are limited on what to bring, it’s good to have one pastel top and one pastel bottom that you can wear with each other. After, you can wear your pastel with any neutral color! 


–I love this color scheme! This looks effortless! She pairs a navy polka dot button up with a mustard cardigan! Then she adds a short necklace under her color for a little bling! This is definitely a must!


–I love leather jackets! I have one in black, grey, soft pink, and brown. I believe this is a must have! You can pair any leather jacket with any outfit to make it more edgy! I love this example below with all the neutral colors! It goes great with her hair! Also, to complete the outfit this girl added some must-have accessories: sunglasses, watch, purse. I absolutely love this look!!


–A skirt suit is also a great idea! With a neutral color, you can pair almost any color with it! My best friend, Lexie Haslem looked so adorable in a gray pantsuit with a turquoise shirt!


–Since some of us are taller than others, a great way to find skirts long enough, is to buy maxi skirts and hem them to a midi skirt!

–Also I think a must need accessory is a denim shirt! It goes with everythingggg! Although having your denim shirt like this is way cute, having it tucked in look more put together and modest. If you leave it like this, make sure you have a shirt that is not low like a crew neck!



credit goes to: Lauren Conrad


Analogous Color Scheme

These are the colors that are adjacent to each other on the color wheel. The analogous color scheme is the most pleasing to the eye and will always give your ensemble a harmonious look. When styling these colors it’s important to allow them to play against each other using one as the dominant color and the other as fashionable accents.

Complementary Color Scheme

These are colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel. When combining these vibrant, high-contrast colors it’s easy to create an eye-catching color blocked ensemble.

Monochromatic Color Scheme

A monochromatic color scheme consists of different shades and tints of one single color. To avoid overloading on this tonal palette, use white or black to break up your ensemble to help you achieve a chic and crisp appearance.

some examples:

Burnt orange and Burgandy

Turquoise and Emerald

Chocolate & Slate Blue

Coral and Turquoise

Coral and navy

Yellow and Turquoise

Yellow and Blue

Aqua and Mustard

Light pink and neon yellow

light pink and gray


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